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Knowledge of current technology with an eye to the future allows us to advise you for today's business with an eye to your future.

Apple News: OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) is out, and shipping all current Macs. I've found it to be stable. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro still are my favourite laptop models; I'm still not sold on the single-port MacBook.

FreeBSD News: FreeBSD 10.3 was released in April 2016, and FreeBSD 11.0 is expected in September 2016.

OpenBSD News: OpenBSD 5.9 is the stable release (since March 2016).

Windows News: MS Windows 10 is fairly secure, although users should be aware that the OS talks to Redmond unless one takes extraordinary precautions.

Networking News: Small business should look for Gigabit Ethernet switches for all wired networks, as the pricing for Gigabit Ethernet is now low. Larger enterprises can interconnect between Gigabit Ethernet switches with 10-GigE optical cabling for distances of 15-300m, with distances up to 30 km possible. <15m can be handled on copper cabling.