switch ImageAltadel Computing offers system administration for all major computing platforms: Mac OS X, Windows Server, Windows desktop, BSD/UNIX, Linux, and beowulf clusters.

Mac OS X

We've been using Macintoshes from the days of the SE/30 and System 6.0.3. We have experience with desktop, laptop, and server-class Macs. We've supported Macs in computer lab situations, Xserves providing NetBoot service as well as disk. Mac OS X provides a very stable, user-friendly platform on which to run your applications.

We use Macs in Altadel for our daily work platform, given the ability to run desktop applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint but also have access to a robust UNIX platform for coding and network assessments.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is the 800-pound gorilla in the corner; we work quietly with it and try not to upset it. When software vendors base their offerings on Windows, we supply the most stable platform we can for your use of that software.

We've had success here in Alberta supplying medical clinics with stable Windows platforms on which to run Telus EMR (formerly Wolf Medical EMR) software. We design your hardware for stability, data integrity, and quick replacement when hardware goes awry. Just because you're in a remote small town doesn't mean you have to suffer long outages.

We've also had experience in maintaining small businesses' Windows platforms, keeping them running smoothly and ensuring that your time is spent on your work, not patching and disinfecting what's meant to be a productivity tool.

BSD and Linux

BSD/UNIX and Linux computers have been part of our computer interests since 1994. We cut our teeth on IBM RS/6000 AIX workstations, added Sun Solaris servers and workstations, and have migrated to Linux and *BSD servers.

We now prefer OpenBSD for its security. Depending on the computational chore, a multi-processor workstation can offer great performance in a single case. 48-core workstations are now available, so clusters aren't always necessary.

Beowulf clusters

Beowulf-class supercomputational clusters offer performance usually found in supercomputers costing millions, for certain types of computations. Many computations which would have been run in the past on supercomputers at a significant cost can be run on clusters.

We have extensive experience in designing, constructing, installing, and maintaining clusters. We've built over a dozen clusters since 1999, ranging from two-node clusters for prototyping code and calculations to clusters of almost 200 CPUs. Advances in cluster software make this a compelling choice for users who need more performance than a single workstation offers.